Tuesday, April 30, 2013

American Museum of Natural History

Went to American Museum of Natural History and got some sketches done :)
These are great resources and I love sketching especially the animals I don't really get to see so close, but I can't help feeling a little weird people taking pictures of these dead animals... :/
Nonetheless, it's one of my favorite places to sketch!


Ted Blackman said...

These sketches are great! How did you get that view looking down on the elephant??

When I visited New York this was the one museum I forgot to visit. I can't believe that I overlooked it. Don't they have cool dinosaur fossils there?
My bucket list has this museum and the Field Museum in Chicago on it.

Junko Miyakoshi said...

Thanks Ted!
There's a second floor where you can look down the first floor in African Animal section. That's how I got the elephant view :) I had to draw from above because how often do you get to look down elephants!?
If you have a chance to visit NY again you should definitely visit this museum! Yes, they have lots of dinosaur fossils and many other exhibits!